The reminiscences and reflections of Danial K

In the hushed embrace of night’s long vigil, where the moon casts its silvery glow upon the rooftops of a quaint town nestled amidst the verdant embrace of mountains and forests, I find myself pondering the profound enigma of human existence. The air is filled with the symphony of nature’s orchestra – the gentle murmur […]

My dear friend, Solitude bears the weight of death itself – to be forgotten by others. Years ago, in my naivety, I spoke without understanding, yet even then, I wrote, “When there’s no one left to remember you, you cease to be who you were…” I had not yet seen that without someone to behold […]

A Christian philosopher named Augustine lived in the fourth and fifth centuries AD. Hippo, a town in North Africa, was on the periphery of the Roman Empire, which was fast fading. He was well-liked and an inspiration to his primarily uneducated and underprivileged church during his 35 years as bishop. Hippo was burned to death […]

He wrote: “The hour has passed midnight. The neighbor woman has started crying again. She wails so piteously that if there were a God, he must surely tremble at these groans. For some nights now this has been her practice. Exactly at the appointed hour she begins, but her ending knows no hour. It is […]

Wu Wei, or the concept of non-doing, is a curious notion indeed. It is the act of not acting, surrendering, and becoming one with that which bears no name. It is the solitary determination to be devoid of resistance and outcry. It is submission in life, akin to water, gently and ceaselessly carving its own […]

It is peculiar that we have prepared meals for so many years, yet have we not seen that the soul of man is like the flesh? That which is woven within him, Like the meat of a beast that simmers in the fire of a stew. It is tough. It is raw. Time passes and […]

My gaze settles upon something written by Ayn al-Quzat Hamadani centuries ago. He once proclaimed, “The sons of Adam are divided into three factions: some, like beasts, seek only to eat, drink, sleep, and find comfort, ‘they are like cattle, nay, they are even worse.’; Some, akin to angels, seek to glorify, praise, pray, and […]

With a slow pace, which may take a year to read a book, I read this. Each sentence is a wonder for me of a strange spiritual expression. It is an exceptional experience and knowing the possibility of infinite genius in a spirit that walked on this earth years ago. Somewhere she wrote: A method […]

The act of writing serves for me chiefly as an ode to the names which catch my eye. To recollect the names of those now gone, gazing into the eyes of the departed through fading photographs, reviewing the lives of souls who came, lived shott, were forgotten, took life gravely, till at last their’ knell […]