Simone Weil

With a slow pace, which may take a year to read a book, I read this.
Each sentence is a wonder for me of a strange spiritual expression.
It is an exceptional experience and knowing the possibility of infinite genius in a spirit that walked on this earth years ago.

Somewhere she wrote:

A method of purification: to pray to God, not only in secret as far as men are concerned, but with the thought that God does not exist. 1


But when God has become as full of significance as the treasure is for the miser, we have to tell ourselves insistently that he does not exist. We must experience the fact that we love him, even if he does not exist.


‘And when they had had their fill of tears’ ( Iliad ).—This is another way of making the worst suffering bearable. We must not weep so that we may not be comforted. 1 All suffering which does not detach us is wasted suffering.